Recharge by writing

My writing day starts early in the morning with a yoga session. I place my mats on the floor and do some warming up exercises. When the teacher arrives I empty my mind and follow instructions for about an hour. I do not think about work, groceries, the household, or any of my cases. That hour is mine. I empty my mind, relax the brain, and follow the practice.

When I walk out the gym my thoughts slowly return to writing. Since I work on so many projects I write different pieces all with its own demands, style, and energy.

Creating a haiku relaxes the brain that is trying to make sense of a pre-DNA era case. It sparks creativity, makes me think about words, and concise descriptions.

Flash fiction especially when based on a photograph is another beloved distraction. It allows my brain to focus on a detail in the picture that will spark a fictional story. At the same time it keeps my brain in detail mode and so facilitates my return to cold cases.

Digging into a historical mystery flexes my mind. If only they had our technology! By using modern skills to look back at an old case you see where people made crucial mistakes and why some cases were not solved at that time. An example is the case of the Princes in the Tower.

Blaming King Richard III is too easy as none of the people who wrote about their disappearance at that time considered succession. There isn’t one head of state who is not concerned with succession and from that point of view Richard had all the more reason to keep his nephews alive and well.

Now about the #writing101 assignment, I need help with part 2. 

I have very little time to properly interview anyone but if you send me a question, I can answer those. So here’s what we do: ask anything in the comment section and I will answer them. When this part of the assignment is due, I will copy & paste everything!

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