I am a lazy bum

I am a lazy bum

I prefer to let you drive while I enjoy watching the countryside. I let my eyes drift over trees, birds, and the shape of the clouds. The sound of the motor and the sun on my skin make me doze off.

I am a lazy bum

I’d rather put myself in a pretzel during yoga than to run on a treadmill. Practicing my warrior poses and balance seem so much kinder than weight lifting and bench presses. I only have to listen to the instructions and empty my mind.

I am a lazy bum

Running errands is not my forte and I do not consider going to the market a social event. It is a chore I need to get done within the least amount of time. The daily returning question that dominates it all is “what’s for dinner?” And to me, the easiest and fastest is making nasi goreng using up all kinds of leftovers I have in the fridge.

I am a lazy bum

I prefer to clean all floors all at once so that I can keep the rest of the week free to do whatever I want to do. I am not a fan of housekeeping so to ease my burden I put on some disco music from the 70s and swing at the dust from floor to floor. The rest of the week is mine. Still swinging though but without the vacuum cleaner at hand.

I am a lazy bum

It will never change. I will never change. Deal with it!

16 thoughts on “I am a lazy bum

  1. Can so relate to every single thing here! So similar! Cleaning day is Sat. Morning, just in case company comes by 😉 and all of my leftovers get mixed with rice or put in a soup pot! I call it my ‘miscellaneous meal’

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