Stop mocking my small body

Yesterday I was in a store returning some items. While at the cash register, a big fan on the highest setting caused me to shiver. I said to the clerk that I was cold. She looked at me and said that if that fan made me cold I should eat a little more.

I wear size 4 and I am petite. I don’t say anything about your weight, size, or eating behavior.

Why is it wrong if I were to comment on bigger people’s bodies but it is OK for bigger people to make comments about my smaller body?

Alice in the Boomerang Zone

PS: this isn’t the first time that someone makes such a remark. It has happened a few times already in clothing stores. This aside from people who do not take my problems serious but expect sympathy for everything they whine about (including their health issues).

6 thoughts on “Stop mocking my small body

  1. Maybe you should change from ‘Alice in the Boomerang Zone’ to Alice in Blunderland’. Clerks like her just blunder through life inconsiderately. Pity you didn’t laugh it off with a witty riposte like ‘Your house must be full of fans then’.

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