After #writing201 and before NaNoWriMo

Let’s get this out-of-the-way first: I didn’t enjoy the poetry writing course as much as I did the freestyle writing course.

I found myself not wanting to do the poetry assignments. They felt forced with too many demands for just one piece to be completed in too short a time. I know, there’s no obligation to write every day and there’s no rule that says that you have to use all elements of the assignment. Maybe it was the way the assignments were formulated or that there was less additional information in a FAQ as we had with writing101 where the moderator was very active in the Commons.

I finished only six poetry assignments but I did 21 from the free writing assignments. Those numbers speak for themselves. The free writing course was four weeks but despite that, it held my interest and kept me going.

Another thing that I liked about the writing101 from last September was the daily email with instructions. It was simple and clear. The FAQ and tips were posted on a special blog (the Commons) so my email inbox wasn’t overloaded.

And now what? NaNoWriMo?

I did reactivate my account so technically I’m game again. I am not going to write something new. Instead, I will use the word count for an existing case that I plan to work on during the month of November.

One thing I plan to keep up is the haiku prompt challenge from Ronovan on Mondays. Ronovan gives you two words to use in a haiku. He writes a summary post on Sundays with a recap of all the participants with links and comments. If he can, he adds Twitter names as well so you can follow your fellow bloggers. It is a great way to meet new bloggers and to get visibility for your post.

If you know of other free online writing courses, let me know.

If you did writing101 and writing201 let me know your thoughts about the assignments.

19 thoughts on “After #writing201 and before NaNoWriMo

  1. I’ve done both Daily Post’s courses…Writing 101 and Writing 201 Poetry. I liked them both, because they had interesting prompts, and clear instructions, and examples. Plus, reading everyone else’s and making connections was wonderful. I did like that the hosts were available to answer questions. I don’t know I’d do them again, if they are just a repeat, so will look for others challenges to do.

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      1. I will. I plan on checking out the Daily Posts list, as LuAnne mentioned. There’s all kinds on there. I do the “Cee’s Share Your World”. It’s a weekly, just answering questions about what you like/don’t like, but it’s interesting. Good luck on NaNo …:)

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      2. What is this list?
        This morning, I saw someone post in response to something from The Daily Post, but nothing has shown up in my Reader. I wonder if it was from this list.


  2. I only did Writing 201. I only did 5 poems and I am a poet! I do like to let a poem simmer for a while. I did enjoy the class though and reading works of others. I have signed up for another course that starts November 2.

    I have done nanowrimo before, too, but also National Poetry Month’s poem-a-day in April. (Once again I do not keep up the pace.)

    I hope others post other events. I would love to be involved more.

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    1. Do you know if the Nov 2 course is new or does it have the same assignments so a repeat?

      I like the haikus because I can do them fast and even lymericks. But I enjoy creative writing most where my imagination is completely free. Let me know if you find other courses, ok?


      1. I am guessing it is the same one you took: Writing 101: Finding Everyday Inspiration (November 2 – 27)

        A four-week long challenge with daily writing prompts that warms up your writing muscles and help you to find inspiration in the places closest to you — but where you might not think to look. Look at to see all the courses offered. I am also taking Blogging 201. I hope I can do both. And yes, I will post any other courses I see. Glad to.

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      2. I believe I read that they mix it up a bit, so you can take it again if you want. I’ve only ever taken Writing 201 and only once… So I don’t know from experience.

        Anyways, you could always sign up and try it. If it’s too similar, you can just unsubscribe and/or ignore the e-mails.


  3. I did writing 201, it was my first writing course here on wordpress and I joined it my 2nd day of even having a blog in the first place. That being said, I really liked it. True, some of the assignments were harder than others and took way more thought to put something together, but I think that’s part of the fun and I can definitely say I learned something from it. 🙂 Good luck with everything!


    1. Hi Jessica,

      Thanks for your comment and welcome to the blogosphere. Maybe if I had taken more time to put poems together it would have been more fun. I too let things simmer. I often write a post in draft, save it, and let it sit for a day or two. When I read it again I usually find errors or a way to make my message clearer.

      Thanks for reading!

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