I lost my #1 fan!

My #1 fan
My #1 fan

Today was a very particular day that I will not easily forget. It all started out good with me blogging and uploading posts on my professional blog. And then I felt a chill. No, it didn’t come from one of my cases. I really felt cold.

Since I am lazy there were only two options: go upstairs to get a cardigan or turn up the thermostat on the same floor. Yup, you guessed it. The thermostat went up. The window said “heat on” so I happily went back to my computer.

After another updated on my crime blog I didn’t really feel any better. That second post was a “good news post” so I should have been mosty toasty. If you are a Calvin & Hobbes fan, you know what I am talking about.

Alas, I was still cold. Checking the thermostats here and in my office, I saw that both were “on” but there was no heat. The only thing to do was to check the utility room.

The furnaces were down so I grabbed the phone and called for a technician. When he arrived I received good and bad news. The good news is that there’s nothing wrong with the furnace. That’s always a relief as these things are expensive. The bad news was that a little bird told the technician what was wrong.


There was a little bird stuck in one of the pipes.

As you know, my fans are feathered. I have not progressed yet to human fans. I am afraid that my #1 fan tried to get too close to me. Maybe he just wanted to say “hello.” Maybe he thought that I wouldn’t mind sharing my home with him as he was patrolling it every day.

I haven’t seen him today so I am afraid… I lost my only fan.

RIP you little goof. I will miss you 😦

6 thoughts on “I lost my #1 fan!

  1. Noooo….:( that is so sad, Alice. Your little bird ‘fan’ in the picture is so cute. I feed the backyard birds here, and I hate when one of the cats gets one, every time…Sending hugs ❤


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