The Holiday Blues

I love buying presents for family and friends but dread the Christmas songs that continuously play in stores and on the radio. There is something profoundly depressing about driving underneath blue skies to a store to get wrapping paper while Bing Crosby sings about a White Christmas on the radio.

The cheer of this time of year chases me out of places where I love to hang out: book stores and coffee shops. Offices and other places where they usually have the radio on become places to avoid because radio stations play nothing but jingle bells.

I flee to the Internet grateful for the many online shopping possibilities. I love to shop at various museum stores. I shop at the Smithsonian a lot as well as at National Geographic. I cannot get those items here where I live.

Some people understand this and some will shake their heads lecturing me on why I should be shopping local. As if we have the variety here!

So let me ask you:

  • How do you feel about those Christmas tunes?
  • Do you avoid stores during the Holidays?
  • When would it be acceptable for the radio to switch over to all jingle bells tunes? A week before Christmas? Two weeks?
  • Do you shop more online during the Holidays or not?

It feels like December is a commercialized season with peer pressure to be cheerful. Like smiling all the time because you are in Disney World.

6 thoughts on “The Holiday Blues

  1. The songs … some years I love them and other years … meh. Mostly I love them, but not in October! I think December 1st is plenty early. I do about 90% of my shopping on-line, as I am not a fan of traffic, crowds or cold weather 🙂 I do like to get to the mall once per season, but that is usually plenty for me! And, you didn’t ask, but we always go with a fresh-cut tree, even though it means more work … love the smell and the ambiance!


  2. It’s a love / hate relationship tunes, but before Thanksgiving it’s a little too soon. The day is official Christmas season culturally so not much one can do. Thankfully I don’t really watch TV or listen to the radio. At home I have my Pandora so I can listen to whatever music I want. I also don’t too much shopping so it is never enough to get more than an eye roll from me, like when I see holiday displays going up now in stores. It has really become a commercialized holiday (like all of the others), but unfortunately so many people have become model consumers and eat up the stuff.


    1. I tweak things at home and in the car too. It is just being in stores or at places where normally a radio is on. It is as if after Halloween, people are on the “easy” schedule: so easy to stack up all Christmas songs and hit “repeat.” Same counts for TV: no need to do new things just repeat the same old movies. It is annoying and boring.

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  3. I like Christmas, ok, and the songs are good for a time or two, but continuously hearing them everywhere you go and on tv and radio…ugh… too much! We put off going shopping until the last minute…can’t deal with the crowds and long lines. We don’t shop online at all. Didn’t even decorate last few years…cats eat the tree and pretty things, so… I know some people who’ve already got their tree up!


    1. I know, some here have the tree up as well. Was in a local mall yesterday. A massive, artifical, already decorated tree was set up in the center. The area was off limits but it was clear they were setting up Santa things. Heard a little boy say “but doesn’t the turkey come first?”

      Oh well, the beauty about having a personal blog is that I can rant whenever I want.


      1. I think that little boy had it right…:) I know it takes time for the stores to set up their displays, so that’s fine. I’d rather not hear Christmas music, though, until after Thanksgiving. Then there is the pressure to make your holidays just like you see in the magazines, etc…all beautiful and perfect, and then reality comes along and you’re let down and disappointed. Too much stress, the older I get. It was fun when the kids were little, though. 🙂

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