Stop smothering me!

Some friends get it: we are friends even if we do not hang out. We do not need to call, email, or text every hour and we can go weeks leading our own lives before we get together to catch up.

Then there are friends who need to talk to you daily or see you so often it kills all the fun in the relationship. It feels like being watched over instead of sharing your life and it makes me wonder what it is you want from me.

I prefer to be friends with strong people who I can see as often and infrequently as our lives allow. Everyone has schedules that include work, your partner’s work, sports, children, their school-sport schedules (and we all know how crazy those can get) and we have not even touched on direct family, or leisure time. Some of our work schedules are dominated by a company, a boss, or a group, and some of us are steered through the week by courts, cases, and clients.

If we are friends (hint: I smile when I see you and I enjoy your company when we are together) than we are friends. Period. Full stop. That is independent of the frequency with which we meet. So if I bury myself for a whole month in the library because I want to write… you should let me be!

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