Show yourself!

The grey man is watching me
The grey man is watching me

This is a picture of something that I see a lot and sincerely dislike: anonymous viewing of someone’s profile in a private mode.

I can’t see you but you can (or want) to see me. This is of course on LinkedIn. You hide your head shot, name, title, and company name. That is your prerogative but there’s a creepy element to it.

On Twitter you have a similar issue. Private accounts that follow you, see your tweets, but you cannot see them unless you get your request to follow them approved. How many anon account holders never respond to those requests or intentionally ignore them?

Maybe you think of this as just part of being online, of having a social media account, and maybe that is it. However, there is obsessively following people online to the point of it being uncomfortable.

If I check your profile on LinkedIn then you will see that it was me. I have consciously chosen to show my name, my head shot, and short bio to be shown. For the full resume, you have to connect with me. However, you can see where else to find me online. If I follow you on Twitter then you see it as well as. My account is public. After I show up in your followers list, it is your choice to check my account or not and to follow me back. But you have an idea of who is following. I don’t hide. It is out in the open.

As a result, it is obvious that when I behave inappropriately anyone can call me out on my bad manners. It is social check mark of kindness, manners, and a courtesy to others.

I understand that some cannot show themselves for various reasons. That can be related to their profession, their home situation, or other reasons. However, too many anons just lure in the shadows waiting to pounce when a certain account posts or tweets. And whatever the content of that tweet is, they respond harshly. And the one who is attacked has no recourse (other than a general rebuttal) as the attack comes from an anonymous account.

Every action can be made vile. Without naming people, I saw on social media a bad stream of name calling. It started below a post in observance of Veterans, of all occasions. I am shaking my head here. The person who posted added photography from the public domain. Someone commented about the people in the photographs and all poo flinging hell broke loose.

Dutch-American flags, Photography by AdS
Photography by AdS

It is so very sad that first of all this happens with a remembrance post. As you know, I have a very warm and special place in my heart for the Allied Forces of World War II. I am alive because of them. So this thread already stung me. The biggest loudmouthed people were all generic accounts or anons.

If you have something to say, do it.

If you disagree, give constructive criticism.

If you want to play on a social media platform, be kind and mind your manners.

If you choose to remain anonymous, you should mind your manners twice!

3 thoughts on “Show yourself!

  1. Agreed Alice – I choose to not post my real photo, address, etc, because it’s not me I want folks to be interested in, it’s the authors I promote.
    However, when anyone checks my profile on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, etc, they all have a link to my blog where I can be contacted.
    I never (nor will I ever) stalk anonymously…

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