My blog must bend, not break me.

Kelly, who blogs over at Honest Me 363, was asking herself if her blog needed an identity or at least some order.

I keep thinking that this blog should have an identity, a focus. Something to help fill in the gaps between Wednesday’s photo challenge and Tuesday’s tune.

Maybe my followers would like to know what to expect when they come here.

Maybe I should pick a weekly theme and run with it for awhile.

I can honestly tell you that for me, that doesn’t work. This blog did start out as part of my freelance work to share blogging tips with my clients hence the name in the URL: your blog coach. But keeping that up aside from my professional blog without a creative spontaneous outlet just for me soon took the fun out of the entire blogging experience. I still give my clients tips and advice but it doesn’t dominate this blog anymore. With my return to human rights, this blog changed.

This is my personal blog now. It covers Ronovan’s Haiku Challenges, flash fiction, poems, and anything that pops up. It changes with my life’s ups and downs. If my blog can only be about blogging tips or only about recipes, I am afraid that I will abandon it because it doesn’t bend with me. It would demotivate me and take all the joy out of writing. But that’s just me.

Do you have a certain posting rhythm? Do you have themed days or a specific order for posting? Tell me about it.

3 thoughts on “My blog must bend, not break me.

  1. Apart from the basic theme of Introducing Authors, finding and posting literary tips and humour, my only other weekly thing are my Monday Funnies, monthly are the posts from Danny the Dog and Zoe the Cat.
    There are sporadic series posts as well – but sporadic is the operative word.
    You’re right, when it stops being fun, it becomes a chore, then stopping is best Alice. 😃

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