One blur

When the Holidays approach, some people sign off from social media to take time and reflect on what it means to them. Are they too attached to their mobile phone? Have they spent more time on social media than they should have?

I too take time every year to think back and to be honest with myself.

  • Did I spent too much time online? Yes, but I also have excuses (see how those discussions go?)
  • Did I meet any of my connections/followers? Yes!
  • Should I set a limited time period for social media per day? But that doesn’t work! Some things have to get posted asap!

One thing that I have noticed in 2015 is that my social media platforms have all morphed into one blur.

LinkedIn used to be all business for me and now the main stream holds quizzes, math problems, an assortment of photography and riddles, and of course, the rants and raves that I usually saw on Twitter.

I joined Facebook reluctantly because my family uses it. (Yes, my professional blog’s FB page is attached to that account.) But there too the posts are more photography, quizzes, and riddles with only the occasional inquiry in how everyone’s doing. It feels more like a dumping site than anything else.

On Twitter, I see more and more link dumping without even the simplest explanation what the link stands for, lots of complaining with the expectation of sympathy without checking back on how those are doing who listened to your whining, and of course, the meanness that online interactions seem to attract.

There is less and less real interest in what so-called followers are really doing and more marketing pushing than before. If people speak up they are ridiculed that their need to feel appreciated or respected is childish or they get called names. And those tweets/posts get quickly out of hand.

How realistic is it to expect social media platforms to stay the same? Not at all. They all change constantly and adopt each other’s features. Like I said, at times they are all one identical blur.

So yes, I will be thinking again about how I use social media. I wanted to take a break for the month of December but that isn’t doable however, I will definitely cut back my time online during the winter break. I have already made several lists in Twitter to have accounts I want to see in one place.

Do you ever take a break over the Holidays? Do you rethink your use of social media now and then? Curious to hear your thoughts!

12 thoughts on “One blur

  1. It does seem to be a big blur of information on Twitter, and FB too. Used to be you could get to know someone a little, but now it is mostly promoting/advertising things. I’m basically doing the same, I suppose, when I post that I have a new blog post 😉 I get more enjoyment now from the blogs I read and comment on. I haven’t done a list thing on Twitter yet, Maybe I should look into that.

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    1. I sorted some accounts in lists and it reduces the scrolling and being overwhelmed with an expansive main feed. It also allows me to follow someone or a cause to support them without seeing every tweet. I agree that being here on the Reader has given me more insight than I had expected. I have been following more blogs as well (that’s how I met you too) and especially the Commons from the #writing101 and #writing201 have been very helpful to find interesting bloggers. I just may decide to hang here more often!


      1. Yes, I’ve found more people with the same interests as me on the WP blogging sites, and the Daily Posts writing challenges. Also the poetry blogs. I like to have a conversation sometimes, and not just hear about what new book they are promoting.

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  2. It is only recently that I expanded my use of social networking platforms, and quickly scaled back. I spend the bulk of my time here, and drop in on Facebook (keeping in contact with distant friends, dumping ground). And I currently don’t work, but found I couldn’t keep up with all of the sites in a way that led to meaningful engagement. I find it difficult enough to keep up with all the blogs I follow here, but I try, while still giving myself time to write and photograph. One of the key reasons I keep to the WordPress community is that it isn’t a dumping ground (at least for the blogs I follow), nor is there whining, but a lot of authentic expressions whether through poetry or essays or photographs, and when discussing personal trials and tribulations it is to truly work through and find a meaningful solution. As I mentioned earlier, I do feel it a community, an important one for my own mental health if anything, and so to take a break for me is to likened to taking a break from friends and family who are truly supportive and engaged.

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    1. There is indeed more authentic expression of emotions and what goes on in people’s lives. Especially after the writing courses and being in the Commons, I found some very interesting bloggers. I guess I am disenchanted by some platforms and may just have had to high expectations.

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      1. There is also I think a legitimate frustration because platforms like twitter could be a great place to engage people, and yet so many people use it in a way that really makes it place of white noise. I remember I fella I was following who had some good tweets, but he would tween and retweet about 500 times a day. In some ways it becomes a crowded restaurant, where as the noise level rises, each table starts to talk louder to be heard, raising the noise level, and so on, until it is impossible for anybody to hear anything — even though all the conversations may be really good conversations worth hearing.

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      2. Good comparison to noise levels. Indeed, that’s what they are. Tweeting 500 times a day seems like a lot although I must admit that when you participate in a chat or heated debate on Twitter, it adds up fast!

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      3. In the case of the 500, probably about 98% of them were just retweets of other people and organizations tweets (regarding politics in this country). I could just see him go down his feed and clicking retweet on each one.


  3. I do think about my time on social media, not necessarily during the holidays though. I have noticed that I tend to favor one over the other from time to time. I was very active on LinkedIn while I was working but now that I am semi-retired – not so much. Then there was Facebook for keeping up with family and friends, which I still do. However, during the US election cycles FB can get pretty heated. So I am limiting my time there. Once I was all a-Twitter but that can be time consuming. So lately I have been blogging and reading blogs. For now I am happy with that. Thanks for the post. It is good to reflect on such things periodically. Happy holidays!

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    1. Happy Holidays to you too, LuAnne. I am thinking about being more online with blog reading and the WordPress Reader than FB, LinkedIn, or Twitter next year. But I need to give it some thought. The Holidays are just a wonderful time to take a step back and think about many things that are going on in my life and in the world.

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