December Challenge: read and write more

I met a new blogger online. His name is Michael Davies. This is one of the things I like about Twitter and Twitter chats: I get to see new materials from new voices, worldwide! Anyway, this post caught my eye: try a little writing.

Michael discusses five benefits from writing by hand and I agree. I tweeted that to him today.


The thing is that despite the convenience of the keyboard, the spellchecker, the backspace and the delete button, we must not neglect the basics.

I still write a lot with fountain pens on paper. My daily calendar is paper, I use scrap paper for grocery lists, and still write postcards during vacations. This month of course, I will be writing addresses on our Holiday cards. But I thought I could do more.

The plan for December is:

  • read more, then
  • select a paragraph or a poem that caught my eye, and
  • copy it by hand on paper.
Dorothy Parker "the Trifler" Photo Art AdS
Photo Art AdS

Since I came up with that today I am lumping yesterday in with today’s selection.

The first book that I picked for this month’s challenge is an old favourite: the Collected Dorothy Parker.

Another favourite is Oscar Wilde’s Canterville Ghost so you may find some passages from that story coming up later this month.

Dorothy Parker "Fortunate Coincidence" Photo Art AdS
Photo Art AdS

The passage for today is a short poem and I love it so much. Every time I read it it makes me laugh.

I write with a Sailor 1911 fountain pen on Piccadilly notebook paper. I love Piccadilly paper because it is fountain pen friendly. No feathering and no bleeding on the next pages!

I hope that more daily writing will improve my handwriting as well as my sense for the English language. Now it is all too easy to have WordPress’ spell checker scan my post and point out where there’s room for improvement.

If you have ever done anything like this, let me know.

Happy writing!

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