Ghosts at work

December 11, 2015

835am: They are taking over. They came unexpected and in the middle of the night. I should have known that something like this was about to happen. I heard about it before and the middle of the night, well… that is familiar, right? Now I feel they are closing in on me. They have already silently moved my sidebar widgets to the bottom of my blog pages without me noticing anything.

Granted, when I logged off yesterday evening I had not seen anything or suspected that a move was going to happen. It is most definitely a cunning plan. No notice, no email, no alert on the dashboard that the penscratch theme was going to change. So how could I have known?

845am: I am lying in wait now to see if anything else moves. I put on my cat suit and I am ready to pounce. But if I scream, come help me. Some ghosts you cannot fight alone.

846am: Uploaded this post as a draft and glanced at the preview.

847am: Shock! In the preview the sidebar is BACK! The ghosts are on the move and I didn’t see it! I am going to open a new window. If I do not report back… come get me.

849am: The new window is open but the I am sidebar-less again. Maybe it is a sign.

940am: I switched themes to head off the ghosts lurking in the penscratch theme. I am in button now. So far, no ghosts in sight. Stay tuned!

December 12, 2015:

1223pm: I switched back to the penscratch theme but the sidebar is still gone. I guess I will have to accept it!

5 thoughts on “Ghosts at work

    1. I changed the theme, LuAnne. Hope this one remains ghost-free. It can be a glitch so will check the penscratch theme again in a few days. I did check it in two browsers, Chrome and Firefox. In both the sidebar was gone. We’ll see what happens.


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