Women are crazy, indeed!

Every now and then, I agree with Jason. Not too often, mind you. Heck, even if I do agree I keep silent. I don’t want him to get a big head. Anyway, his amusing post on crazy women needs elaboration.

According to Jason, women “get” each other and our craziness makes sense. True, if an entire gender agrees on something then logic dictates that there is no debate. However, there’s always room for improvement.

1: women “get” each other

I disagree. There is a lot that I do not get in other women and I am a woman.

  • I don’t get the fascination with anything that is in fashion but highly uncomfortable to wear.
  • I don’t get the body shaming when one woman tells another “I lost my baby fat so you can too” or the “well, you are getting older so, yeah!” either.
  • I don’t understand the fascination with dressing your kid up as a s*&^ just to win a beauty pageant.
  • I don’t get the accusatory looks when one woman has no children or just one and another woman has four or five. The number of kids does not proportionately up your womanhood!

2:  women pick fights.

I get sick and tired of it myself. Arguments from last year get relived and you should see some people’s faces if you do not recall anymore who did what and who was right. I am supposed to know as I am a woman, right? And guess what happens if I agree with the husband/boyfriend: then I must enjoy being a relationship wrecker or, I must be having an affair with the dude!

3: women test relationships.

If you don’t notice that I cut 12 inches off my hair then I will make an appointment with the ophthalmologist for you. But picking a fight or maxing out a credit card just to see how he is going to respond? No, that is beneath and beyond me.

4: women love drama.

One of the reasons that I am super happy to be working from home is that I avoid the Ringling Circus of Office, Drama, and Gossip. I cannot stand the whispering that stops when you walk by. I cannot stand the sideways glances and the peaking over the cubicle walls to see whether the super is around. I cannot stand the lunch bunch groups who just like in high school never mix it up. I cannot stand it when the quality of my work is somehow related to how nice others think my nose shines that day.

5: women like social.

Reunions are the pits of hell as the only thing that happens is me overhearing “and she used to be so cute!” and “just look at her size now, no wonder she still isn’t married.” Ugh, just kill me. Guess how often I attend a reunion?


I know that after reading this my follower count will go down the drain and that I will get even more evil looks. But there is something to say for spilling your guts at the end of the year. Why not? Now I can start 2016 all fresh.

Thanks, Jason!

One thought on “Women are crazy, indeed!

  1. great post. it does get tiresome when populations are divided into two groups* and then generalizations are made from this. Stand up comedians make their routines based on this simplification (sometimes with humorous results). But the whole ‘men are from Mars, women are from Venus” syndrome is extremely annoying. Put it this way: I don’t like to work on cars, I don’t want to BBQ on the grill, and I desire not a ‘man cave.’

    *My father once made the quip when I was around eight, “there are two types of people in this world, those who play tennis and those that don’t.” that, obviously, has stuck with me all these years. Over the years, I have applied this to many things, usually when I want to point out to someone the error of their over-generalization.

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