6 thoughts on “Interview with La Sabrosona for My Spanglish Familia

  1. Very enjoyable interview given the topic matters. I really thought you gave as good as quick answer as one can give to the question “why do people kill?” — a question, unfortunately, we will trying to answer for as long as there are humans.

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      1. Well there’s an interesting angle I didn’t see, but it is so true. Reminded me of a art-house movie theater in Seattle that was showing Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet — on the marquee they wrote: Hamlet: They all die at the end.

        Also reminds me of a friend who was addicted to the cable station Investigate, which was one re-enactment of murder (and other bad acts) after another. Hour after hour. With commercial breaks, of course.

        Makes me ponder just how many conference workshops each month touch directly and indirectly on this topic. From the law enforcement sector to the non-profit sector.

        How munch is pontificated these days in the political arena about national security, which boils down to the citizens fear about someone about being shot by terrorists — whether jihadists or anti-abortionists — not to mention the bullied kids who snap. Which brings in the mental health system (or lack there of in this country).

        Okay, just woke up with a little bit of coffee and my mind is already spinning. 🙂

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