What to eat when the power goes out

This weekend we are expecting a whopper of a storm and depending on the track, it could mean being snowed in. YEAH! So to check the local data I signed in on twitter and saw this:

One answer was cheetos but really, let’s not do that.

Here are three easy recipes with non-perishables that need no electricity. Buy the ingredients today and you have three storm-proof dinners.

Note that I do not promote these brands or that I get paid to show them on my blog. This is just what I had in the pantry.

Black Bean Salsa Salad
Black Bean Salsa Salad/AdS

Black Bean Salsa Salad

1 can of black beans (any brand)
1 can of black-eyed peas (any brand)
1 can of shoe peg corn (any brand)
1 jar of salsa (any brand, mild or spicy, it all works)

Rinse all the beans and the corn, drain well. Mix in a bowl, add salsa. For added flavour add dry chives, paprika seasoning or, parsley. Done.

Tuna Corn Mix
Tuna Corn Mix/AdS

Tuna Corn Mix

2 cans of tuna in water (any brand)
1 can of corn (any brand)

Drain the tuna cans well. With a fork loosen up the fish. Mix in the corn. Season the mix with paprika and/or chives. Done.



1 package of Tabouli salad mix (any brand)
1 can of diced tomatoes (any brand)

Follow the instruction on the package for mixing the tabouli salad. Add the can of tomatoes. I do not drain the can but use the juice to add extra flavour to the tabouli mix. To taste add lemon juice, parsley, and/or chives. Done.

Add beer, wine, or any other drink. Stay warm and enjoy the storm!

16 thoughts on “What to eat when the power goes out

  1. It’s instant mashed potatoes for me all the way! Though the rest of my family probably aren’t excited as me about that. I’m working this Friday and Saturday, I sure hope it’s not the 8-12″ like they’re predicting.

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  2. When we think our power may go out we always draw water ahead…since we also lose the power to the pump for our well water….but we have a gas cook stove that works still and a wood furnace for heat. might plan small meals since you can’t refrigerate leftovers? (or an ice chest in a cold area?)

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