Blogroll for the Criminally-Creepy-Curious Reader

A few readers asked what I read when I do not write haikus or write about cold cases. Well, I read a lot of books and blogs.

Here are some blogs that are criminally-creepy-curiosity oriented. I follow most of these blogs through the WordPress Reader.

Warning: what I find interesting you just might find downright scary so beware.  There are other kinds of blogs I read. I will put those in another post soon.

In alphabetical order:

  1. All things AAFS!
  2. All things crime blog
  3. Art Macabre Drawing Salons
  4. Ask a Forensic Artist
  5. Bad Luck Detective
  6. Britain’s Forgotten Body Snatchers
  7. Charley Project
  8. Chris Gee
  9. Columbine Online
  10. Conviction, stories from a 19th century prison
  11. Coroner Talk
  12. Crime Traveller
  13. Criminal Historian
  14. Cult of Weird
  15. Death & the Maiden
  16. Death Reference Desk
  17. Death Salon
  18. Defrosting Cold Cases
  19. Deranged LA Crimes
  20. Doe Network
  21. Flickering Lamps
  22. Forensic Connect
  23. Forensics in Focus
  24. Fornology
  25. Guns, Gams & Gumshoes
  26. Haunted Ohio
  27. Historical Crime Detective
  28. Iowa Cold Cases
  29. Jack of Kent
  30. Jim Fisher True Crime Blog
  31. Lake Waco Triple Murders
  32. Lowering the bar
  33. Mikita Brottman
  34. Mrs Daffodil Digresses
  35. Murder Map (London)
  36. Murder, mystery & mayhem
  37. M-Vac Blog
  38. My life of crime
  39. Nobody Move!
  40. Nourishing Death
  41. Project: Cold Case
  42. Project Jason
  43. Prosecutors Discretion
  44. Protection Circle
  45. Scenes from the morgue
  46. Strange Remains
  47. Streets of Salem
  48. Surviving Murder
  49. The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice
  50. The gravestone project
  51. The Irregular Anatomist
  52. The Macabre & The Bold
  53. The Order of the Good Death
  54. The Post-Mortem Post
  55. The Restless Sleep
  56. The Secret Barrister
  57. The Writer’s Forensics Blog
  58. Total Crime
  59. True Crime Diva
  60. True Crime Reader
  61. Two nerdy history girls
  62. UK Crime Scene
  63. Unique histories from the 18th and 19th century
  64. What the basement said
  65. Writers’ Police Academy

Happy reading!

P.S.: yes, I did add my own cold case blog to this list. The victim stories simply need all the attention they can get.

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