Ridiculously Cool Veggies

If you use Twitter you know that you can make lists to group favourite accounts together. That way you need not scroll down the main stream. But have you ever checked on what type of lists other Twitter users have placed you? And what name they gave to those lists? I just did. I am on many lists in the expected categories such as blogger, law/yer, crime, author, indie supporter, etc. No surprises there. However, a few Twitter users have made lists with names that made me think twice. Here is my favourite top 15 in no particular order:

  1. School closings… from tweeps in other parts of the world. Seriously? Don’t you check that this person is in your area?
  2. Scribes and bards… of course, proud to be included. I am after all a card-carrying SCA member #archery
  3. Morning Essentials… one of better lists. I love it that I can brighten someone’s morning.
  4. Ridiculously cool veggies… sounds bok choy to me.
  5. The Full Monty… this worries me a little. What do they know about me?
  6. Frozen toys… now I do defrost gladly but the toys part baffles me.
  7. Heavy Hitters… right up my alley!
  8. The Caffeinated Crew… nuff said.
  9. Attorneys for hire… nope! I am not an attorney. I am a Dutch non-practicing lawyer/human rights defender working on unsolved homicides, wrongful convictions, and assisting other human rights defenders and attorneys when requested. Wanna hire me as beta reader, guest blogger or, to review a case? Email me.
  10. Non-Defined… now that’s someone who gets me.
  11. Get Any Girl… I am a tad worried about this one too.
  12. Hungry Bloggers… I do snack a lot, yes.
  13. Legal Things… I guess it applies.
  14. Probably not a bot… I do want a robot though so I can delegate chores.
  15. Just weird… I can live with that.

What lists are you on?

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