5 things I don’t like about books

The Caffeinated Writer has a great guest blog post by Vrushali with a similar title. It inspired me to write my top 5. Here goes:

1: books make me lose sleep

After a long day, I read before going to bed. Studies say it has a calming effect and that it is good to unwind the brain by reading something completely unrelated to work. Well, let me tell you. My brain doesn’t calm down but goes into overdrive with most books. It cannot stop at “just one more page or chapter.” No, it starts to sprint to the finish leaving me all hyper and unable to sleep!

2: books make me greedy

You start reading a story and you become curious. You want to have more background information, more details about the plot, and of course whether there are any alternative scenarios. Most of those books come in series so after book #1 you are hooked and you gotta have them all.

3: books make me buy bigger houses

Number 3 is a direct result of #2 as with many series and stand-alone books comes the issue of book shelves, space in rooms for book cases, rooms completely dedicated to book cases, rooms becoming libraries, and the overflow into several other rooms. Each and every house we had has grown too small to house all these books. Guess what: we are out of shelve space again!

4: books have my entire family addicted

Since we always walk around with pens, paper, and books our offspring got the same bug. An afternoon to the bookstore means we scout the store, grab a table in the cafeteria, read, buy books, go for dinner, return for more books, and so on. As a result, we have several libraries in the house which brings me back to #2 and #3. But the stores love us. Personnel greets us with a smile!

5: books stop us from traveling light

We simply cannot travel with just one book. One book is for the time we wait before departure. Then there is the in-flight literature, the after-the-immigration-services humour release, the taxi-to-hotel magazines, and the finally-there extended editions. We end up buying extra suitcases too. But at least the airlines love us. They really do. They see us approaching the desk and smile. “How many suitcases this time, folks?”

See why I don’t like books?

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