Her Experience (6)

His skin white as milk.
With one short, swift, smooth movement
Parting flesh colouring red
unfolding like a flower.

Ronovan’s Haiku (tanka) Prompt Challenge #84 (milk & smooth)


Holding tight the knife
feeling his warm skin unfold
He sighed only once.

Ronovan’s Haiku Prompt Challenge #85 (tight & warm)


A flash of regret
she watched how his blood trails joined
for the dance of death.

Ronovan’s Haiku Prompt Challenge #86 (flash & dance)


A class of her own
the firm defending her said.
The jury agreed.

Ronovan’s Haiku prompt challenge #87 (class & firm)

Solitude lifts fog.
With a clear mind she composed
her plan for parole.

Ronovan’s Haiku prompt challenge #88 (lift & plan)

Showering the board
Fake regrets and atonement
She played her part well.

Ronovan’s Haiku Prompt challenge #89 (shower & play)

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