Her Experience (11)

Mek who blogs over at Work in Progress challenged me to continue the crime fiction story based on Ronovan’s Haiku Prompts with these two words: vortex & tile.

Challenge accepted!

For readability here is the entire string with the latest haiku inspired by Mek at the end.


His skin white as milk.
With one short, swift, smooth movement
Parting flesh colouring red
unfolding like a flower.

Ronovan’s Haiku (tanka) Prompt Challenge #84 (milk & smooth)


Holding tight the knife
feeling his warm skin unfold
He sighed only once.

Ronovan’s Haiku Prompt Challenge #85 (tight & warm)


A flash of regret
she watched how his blood trails joined
for the dance of death.

Ronovan’s Haiku Prompt Challenge #86 (flash & dance)


A class of her own
the firm defending her said.
The jury agreed.

Ronovan’s Haiku Prompt Challenge #87 (class & firm)


Solitude lifts fog.
With a clear mind she composed
her plan for parole.

Ronovan’s Haiku Prompt Challenge #88 (lift & plan)


Showering the board
Fake regrets and atonement
She played her part well.

Ronovan’s Haiku Prompt Challenge #89 (shower & play)


More than just her friend
anticipating her love
he became careless.
Watching her behind those bars,
it send shivers down his spine.

Ronovan’s Haiku (tanka) Prompt Challenge #90 (friend & shiver)


Her temper got frayed
after her first rejection.
He ignored the signs.
Her coy manner veiled contempt.
All he saw was playfulness.

Ronovan’s Haiku (tanka) Prompt Challenge #91 (fray & veiled)


Men who crossed her path
all thought they could dominate.
They paid with their lives.
Once free, she’d trace the witness
Erasing that one mistake.

Ronovan’s Haiku (tanka) Prompt Challenge #92 (life & path)


“Model prisoner.”
He begged the Board for parole.
“She is not a threat.”
While he watched the moon at night
her brain plotted till sun rise.

They planned their new life.
He wanted two strapping boys.
She smiled tenderly.
They’d both have her victims’ names
as a lasting memory.

Ronovan’s Haiku (tanka) Prompt Challenge #93 (sun & moon)


Her parole granted
a vortex of happiness
tiled true intentions.

Prompted by Mek (vortex & tile)


3 thoughts on “Her Experience (11)

  1. Her victim’s names? Wow. She is something else….

    Thanks for taking up the challenge. Vortex of happiness sounds exhilarating – but does it mean it will swirl and narrow to nothing?

    I look forward to the next installment 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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