Potter and Pens

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If you manage to get your hands on Tom Marvolo Riddle’s diary you probably want to write with a quill. Translate that into fountain pen and that’s me. But is the paper fountain pen-friendly?

Just because the book is produced by a beloved franchise doesn’t mean that everything is of top quality.

At Borgin and Burkes in Knockturn Alley I picked up the journal and touched the paper. It felt very smooth to the touch. Almost so smooth that I was afraid it was not suitable for fountain pens. Does the ink roll off, does it make the nib scratch on the paper, does it bleed?

You fear the feathering and smudging and despite the fact that stains might contribute to the mysterious aura from the book,you know that it would be a turn off. And if you decide to spend the money on this book it better be one you use often.

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I took the risk and today I tried out six different fountain pens in this book. The pens are:

  • a Sailor with a 14K golden music nib,
  • a Preppy with a steel 05 fine nib,
  • a Pilot Varsity with a steel fine nib,
  • a Pilot Kakuno with a steel medium nib,
  • a black Kaweco Sport with a broad steel nib, and
  • a tan Kaweco Sport with an Italic 1.1 steel nib. In the picture you can see the Kawecos together. I took another picture to show the differences in the nibs.

I wrote the pen names on the last pages of the book. As you can see in the first picture there is no feathering and on the back, no bleeding. That was a very pleasant surprise!

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But I needed to see a longer written piece with more hand pressure applied to the pens.

I picked the Kaweco Sport with an Italic 1.1 steel nib to write a few of my favorite Dumbledore quotes.

I used my normal handwriting so no calligraphy or underlining. The results are fantastic. The paper’s smoothness didn’t hinder the writing, the nib didn’t scratch on the paper, the ink dried instantly, and check the picture: no bleeding!

My next experiment will be to sketch on a few pages in this book. I will probably use either the Sailor or the Kaweco Sport with a broad steel nib. I tend to write and sketch with those two most. If that turns out well too than the diary is worth every penny they charged for it.

Wish me luck!

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