She was thinking fast
the dress had to be perfect.
Plain but elegant.
Classic, not fashionable
but very comfortable.

Ronovan’s Haiku (tanka) Prompt Challenge #148 (fast & plain)

Star Struck

His poster yellow
torn where pinned to the dorm walls
an old souvenir.
Memory fades old heart throbs
Our hearts now leap for true love.

Ronovan’s Haiku (tanka) Prompt Challenge #147 (leap & throb – I used the plural)


Her beautiful face
masked her true behaviour
and she did it well.
She was too cute to be cruel
Nobody would believe him.

But behind closed doors
her domestic violence
terrorized them all.
But none dared to expose her.
Who would believe them?

Ronovan’s Haiku (double tanka) Prompt Challenge #145 (beautiful & curse)