My guest blog posts

My guest blog posts are posted below. Kindly note that blog’s and websites come and go. Some bloggers delete posts without letting their guest bloggers know so we could have adjusted links or moved the content to our own blogs. 


How wrongful convictions and cold cases are connected for GMA

A Magical Writer’s Conference for St. Jane Media

Interview with la Sabrosona for on My Spanglish Familia


Desire for St. Jane Media


My Top 10 Twitter Tips for Blonde Write More

Interview with Nicole Faith Hill

Why? for the Story reading Ape

The Cold Case of Alexander Harris for St. Jane Media


The Value of LinkedIn Connections for Geoff Hudson-Searle

What to do with leftovers! for BQB

On Marconi, Crippen, and DNA for BQB

5 Tips for Blogging for Sarah Beth Jones

Remembering the victims of unsolved homicides for Authentic Story Telling

Top 5 blog goals for Virginia Bloggers



Beyond the Man in the Iron Mask Part 3 for Suzie Ivy

Beyond the Man in the Iron Mask Part 2 for David Swinson

Beyond the Man in the Iron Mask Part 1

Five things I learned for Diet Justice


Meet Vidster for Dina Santorelli

The Art of Lying for the Cold Case Squad


Interview with Natasha Phillips for Researching Reform

I am still checking that I have listed all so this page is a work in progress!