CrimeCon 2017

Be the first to see the guest line up for the first ever true crime convention taking place June 2017 in Indianapolis. Recognize anyone?

1st guest-list crimecon2017
Announced December 7, 2016

I will be hosting a session on cold cases at CrimeCon. If you want to read more about it, check here. Should you wish to come use coupon code “dcc0816” to get 20% off.

I hope to see many crime bloggers next summer!

ABA Top 100 Blawgs 2016 — Defrosting Cold Cases

My professional blog made the cut again!

Editors of the ABA Journal announced today they have again selected Defrosting Cold Cases as one of the top 100 best blogs for a legal audience. “For 10 years, the Blawg 100 has helped shine a light on the stunning breadth of legal topics and voices to found in the legal blogosphere,” Acting Editor-Publisher Molly…

via ABA Top 100 Blawgs 2016 — Defrosting Cold Cases

Inktober 2016

I have been busy making one sketch a day for the internet challenge #inktober.

logo inktober

So far most of my sketches are inspired by Gravity Falls. There are all on my Twitter account but I will post some here too. After inktober comes NaNoWriMo. I might again use my cold case blog posts to see if I can get to 50’000 words. We will see. It is busy at the end of the year.


Soos Dreaming/Gravity Falls/AdS
Soos Dreaming / Gravity Falls / AdS

Jane Doe

Nobody knew how long she had been here
on the beach, on her side, her eyes closed.
Her hair fanned, her face bejeweled with shells,
her clothes straightened by the receding water.

In time, we will know why she had to die.
In time, she will be named and buried.
Until then, she will be Jane Doe.

Ronovan’s Haiku (poetry) Prompt Challenge #113 (beach & time)